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How to Thrive While Your Competitors “Dive”

Can you increase your positive cash flow even when sales opportunities are drying up for others? Is it possible to thrive while competitors are “diving”? YES, ABSOLUTELY!!

We did it again… another mind-boggling year of expansive sales growth from organic search for another SEO client in a contracting industry!

Imagine this. Most of your competitors suffered from declining sales to the tune of nearly 20% year-over-year. But not you. While other businesses struggled across the board, your company’s revenue from organic search exploded by 141.3% annually. And best of all, you experienced that increase very profitably; with a quadruple-digit return on your investment (ROI) in SEO. Does that sort of upward growth seem unattainable during downturns? Well, it’s not. That’s exactly what we did for yet another one of our SEO clients in 2022.

141.3% More Sales from SEO with Generation Web

How did we accomplish this? In a couple of words… world-class SEO. I know you’re busy so I’m not going to ramble on about all the ins and outs of what we did. But I will say this: we followed our same proprietary SEO methodology for this client as we have for all of our clients. It’s essentially the same approach to SEO that we’ve implemented for the past 1.5+ decades (with some refinements). In other words, our approach to SEO is timeless. It’s also been ahead of its time for a long time.

Do you need a sales breakthrough for your business right now? If so, then do something about it today. Don’t put it off any longer. SEO is the #1 source of sales for businesses in the U.S. The longer you wait to act, the further you’ll fall behind the competition.

My advice? Act now if you need to improve your current sales situation. Step one: Get your free custom website SEO audit.


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  1. Justin Barker

    Matt Dalbey was referred to me as a source. Please have him reach out to me at the email address above. thank you.

    • Matt Dalbey

      Hi Justin, Thanks for reaching out and booking a meeting. Looking forward to discussing how we can help your business. Talk soon.


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