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Going beyond The beauty Of Your Website. We add the brains and brawn.

Expect more from your B2B or B2C website. A great looking website isn’t enough. Every business needs a website that can tangibly propel it forward (in the form of more leads, sales, and/or phone calls).

Have you ever felt like your business website is dead weight? According to MarketingSherpa, the average website only converts 3-4% of its visitors into leads or sales. That means 96-97% of most websites are not effective – and a dead end for visitors. Find out how to get  better performance from your website. Generation Web®’s website conversion optimization services help convince and convert more of your hard-earned visitors into leads and/or buyers.

Expect more from your B2C or B2B website

If most of your visitors are leaving your website, then now is the time to get started with web conversion optimization, also known as conversion rate optimization or CRO. In many cases, conversion rate optimization should be priority one, even before investing any more money in SEO or PPC.

Once your ability to convert visitors at a higher rate happens, so will new revenue opportunities. If visitors are coming to your site only to quickly bounce off of it, then you’re leaving money on the table. Generation Web scours your website for clues that can improve online conversions. Meanwhile we test various aspects of your website to hone in on what matters most to your visitors.

Below is an example of how we helped one such company capture 488% more opportunities by optimizing its site for more conversions.

Conversion Optimization Case Study - Generation Web

488% improved conversion rate. 50% lead cost reduction.

”Generation Web exceeds our expectations in the web marketing arena, increasing our conversion rates from 1.5% to 8.82% in a matter of months. Matt and his team are always professional and knowledgeable and easy to work with.” Joseph Swenson, CIO

(This is just one of many CRO case studies.)

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Google Analytics Logo What’s hiding in your web analytics? If that question scares you or the answer is “I don’t know,” then we can help. We work with clients to better understand how to interpret their web analytics stats, which can in turn improve the performance of your website. Even though we have expertise in a number of analytics platforms, we are especially proficient in Google Analytics Consulting. Digging into web analytics data is just like searching for gold. The difference: we always strike gold. It’s simply a question of where. As we dig, sift and search, we often also discover the “dead-weight” areas that could be hindering your website’s performance. Our experienced Generation Web team will uncover, compile and explain the golden opportunities and problem areas hiding in your website analytics. Best of all, we will recommend specific steps for repairing what’s broken, while laying out actionable strategies for going after new opportunities. What questions do you have? Just ask.

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