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#1 Way to Crash Your PPC Campaigns

“I’ve tried PPC and it doesn’t work! I’ve even paid another company to do it for me and they didn’t get me any results!”

Have you ever said or thought this?

If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners and marketers feel the same way. Why? It’s because just doing PPC (the acronym for pay per click) isn’t enough. Instead, PPC done right is the only path to success.

Right Vehicle, Wrong Driver = Crash

Let me put it this way. To ask my five-year-old daughter to take the car to the grocery store would incur costs (on multiple levels), but without any “return.”

As well intentioned as my daughter might be, she wouldn’t arrive at the destination. And it’s obvious why, she doesn’t know how to use a vehicle, much less a navigation app. It’s a crash waiting to happen.

Even though PPC is much more complex than driving a car, many are puzzled as to why it’s not working out for them.

It’s easy to underestimate how much work and expertise it takes to be successful at PPC. Just spending the money and paying for clicks on ads is not at all what PPC is about. In fact, too many of the wrong clicks can quickly burn through your budget without any results.

PPC isn’t about clicks. And it’s not about just spending the money.

So how can you turn your PPC dollars into more cash vs. an inevitable crash?

Right Vehicle, Right Driver = Cash

Let’s switch up the above car scenario. Same car, but with a different driver. Now we’re talkin’!

When I get behind the wheel of that same exact same car (vs. my daughter), the outcome is completely different. I know where I’m going and how to get there.

In a similar sense, PPC is a lot like my car. It works great when driven by a pro. In order to “drive” PPC success, you first need the right “driver.”

When done well, PPC is a (fast) vehicle to more leads. But, you have to first know how to operate that vehicle and how to get to your destination (or work with an agency that does).

There’s a lot that goes into good PPC. Besides having the right team behind the wheel, having all the necessary tracking and technology is key.

Well actually, having the proper tracking and technology in place is the first step. Then, you need to know what to watch, what data points are most important, and which ones don’t really matter. Without this knowledge in hand, you could be flushing your PPC dollars down the drain.

Share your thoughts and feedback below. What questions do you have about PPC? How can I help?

6 Responses to “#1 Way to Crash Your PPC Campaigns”

  1. Nick Collins

    What is the cost to have you create and manage a PPC campaign for me? (My website is under construction at the moment.)

    • Matt Dalbey

      Hi Nick – Thanks for the question. There are a few factors that determine the PPC price / investment amount. So in short, it depends. We do NOT have any start up fees though. 🙂 I will email you so we can connect and talk more. Talk to you soon. Have a great day!

  2. Steve Adams

    Just wanted to let you know we appreciate very much the wonderful and professional job you and your associates did in creating the Seal Pro USA website. Thank you!
    The Seal Pro USA team

    • Matt Dalbey

      Steve – Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate getting to work with you as well and thank you for your business! Have an awesome day!

  3. Grgg McMan

    Hello Matt – I enjoyed reading your blog. Back in 2008 you were one of the main reasons for GetN’Green to grow so fast. I have now taken on re-building GetN’Green. In the last year I have been working with BigCommerce giving the site a huge update. I would be interested in re-vamping my PPC campaign and possibly some other SEO work. Would you be willing to look at my site and possibly put together a quote together for PPC campaign? Thank you,

    • Matt Dalbey

      Hi Greg – Great to hear from you – looking forward to catching up!! Thanks for reaching out. I just messaged you to arrange a time for us to meet next week. Let me know what works for you and we’ll get something on the calendar. Have a great weekend!


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