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SEO: Rush It, Ruin It

There’s no denying that we live in a society that thrives on immediate gratification. Whether it’s personal or work, we want quick results, no time to wait. So it’s not surprising when many businesses attach this “rush” approach to their B2C or B2B SEO plan – a disaster waiting to happen.

There’s a huge difference between rushed SEO and strategic SEO that’s also aggressive. The rushed approach flat out doesn’t work. Good SEO should be aggressive and strategic.

The tendency to rush any sort of B2B or B2C online marketing investment is completely understandable, given the monetary expense involved. But when it concerns Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s time to replace the “want it now” approach with a “wait for it” mindset.

What are some of the differences between bad SEO and good SEO?

Organisms take time to grow, whether plants, animals, humans… and yes, even businesses. SEO is no different, it should be organic. After all, SEO is all about increasing your business website’s organic search engine rankings. B2B or B2C SEO is a strategic, well thought-out plan of action with the potential to give you a tremendous return on investment (ROI), if given the chance. A reputable company like Generation Web can do SEO for you so you don’t have to.

It’s easy to jump the gun and over-optimize your business website, which can prove quite costly when it’s all said and done. Mistakes are costly. Making a bunch of edits “just ‘cause” doesn’t work. Sure, there’s a chance you might get a “top 5” search engine ranking right away. But, that’s only before Google flags you on your low quality links or spammy over-optimization and hits you with a major penalty. Or, an unexpected Google update rolls out later down the road – that kills your search engine rankings. In either scenario, you lose.

This actually happened to one of our clients in Denver. Our B2C and B2B SEO agency had worked hard to get this business ranked in the “top 5” positions. But unfortunately, this customer had a tendency to rush things and did what they thought would help. Unknown to us, they purchased thousands of cheap, junk backlinks. Within days of a Google update, this client watched as it dropped out of the top 100 rankings. The Google update I’m referring to specifically targeted “junk” backlinks. Just like that, their website was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, this is the only one of our clients that has ventured out on its own in an attempt to rush SEO.

The moral? SEO shortcuts aren’t worth it. None of us knows for sure when Google will make updates or what the nature of those updates will be. So it just doesn’t pay to rush something (SEO) that’s “wired” for organic growth. When you rush your SEO, your rankings may pop up for a bit, but it’s all for naught when they drop (and they will) or disappear.

Engaging in “spammy” SEO techniques may bring immediate gratification, but they’re a no-win for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, SEO should be aggressive, but it should also be strategic and “white hat”.

Let’s get away from the idea of 3-6 week results, and embrace the process of 3-6 month and 3-6 year sustainable results. I guarantee your patience will be rewarded in the end. I’ve been doing SEO since 2003 and I’ve seen the fruit of SEO done “the right way” time and time again. Growing a business is a long term commitment. Organisms don’t grow overnight. SEO is no different. And those who understand this will reap the rewards year after year.

By taking the time to create an organic and aggressive SEO strategy with professionals, you will be setting yourself up for success. Remember that you’re in business for the long haul, so make it count. If you are patient and resist the urge to rush it, then you will hedge against ruining it.

Still have questions about any aspect of SEO? Comment below. Or you can always contact us. We are glad to help.

2 Responses to “SEO: Rush It, Ruin It”

  1. Howie Wolke

    Good job, Matt. The Generation Web approach to SEO success is working for us. Best year yet, and still booking more clients. Not instantly, but during the 1st year and building over the last 3 years, we’ve continued to make a lot of progress and the business has continued to grow. We intend to stick with it.

  2. Matt Dalbey

    Howie – Thanks for the comment. It’s always a pleasure working you, while getting to see the fruits of good SEO… month after month, year after year!


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