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109% More Sales from SEO in 2022!

So far this year, the stock market is down about 20-30%. Painful.

But despite that economic headwind, our SEO services have yielded 109% more sales revenue YTD (vs. last year for the same time period) for the following U.S. business – see the screenshot below from Google Analytics for January-May, 2022.



And look at their sales growth over the past 12 months…



Excluding revenue generated from Direct website traffic (e.g., those who’ve bookmarked the website and returned to purchase again), Organic search comprises a whopping 78.2% of this company’s revenue! SEO is driving more sales than all other marketing channels combined.

I’ve led and implemented all sorts of marketing throughout my career. Trade shows? Been there and done that. Search engine marketing (SEO and PPC)? Yep, since before Google was even a publicly-traded company. Social media and PR? Yes again. Email marketing? Done that too. Market research? Yes indeed. Direct mail? Yep. Offline print marketing (e.g., newspaper and yellow page advertising)? Yes, I also used to do that… okay, now I’m dating myself. And the list goes on.

You name it when it comes to marketing, and I’ve done it. Yet out of everything, nothing comes close to the results I’ve seen over the years from SEO (and PPC, secondarily). Now you know why our agency specializes in SEO and PPC.

Have you jumped into the SEO river yet?

If you’re still dragging your feet about jumping into SEO, you’re missing out on the #1 source of sales for U.S. businesses. That’s a pretty big river! Although results can vary, if you stick with SEO for the long haul, it could eventually dwarf all other forms of marketing you’re engaged in. We’ve seen it time and again for companies for which we’ve done SEO.

Could you be getting better SEO results (assuming you’re already in the river)?

How are things going if you’re currently working with another SEO agency? Are you getting more sizzle than steak (more talk and flashy charts than real results)? If so, it might be time to switch. Book your free no-obligation SEO evaluation to learn how we can help.

Why wait?!

Now is the time to do SEO. Not convinced? Check out last week’s blog post about doing SEO even when the economy is sluggish.

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