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Get Found by More B2B Prospects with SEO

The ambience is warm and inviting, the food amazing in this cozy little restaurant tucked away behind a large store in a shopping district. Only the locals know about it because the restaurant isn’t easily found. Can you imagine how many customers the owner is missing out on because no one knows it exists?

The same can be said of any business, especially those with an online presence. Just like the old mantra for real estate “Location, location, location”, for any business to be successful it must be able to be found.

The Importance of Visibility

So, how do you get found online as a business? Your business must show up on the first page of searches. The focus is on being ranked as high as possible for multiple keywords in order to show up in multiple searches. Being at the top for SEO is like being the restaurant on the corner of the busiest street where everyone sees it and smells the tempting aromas coming from the kitchen. For that restaurant to be even more successful, it can add another location. In the same way, your business can rank for various keywords. The more places where you rank, the more often your business is seen.

B2B SEO is Unique

Getting found as a B2B company presents a unique set of challenges. Other businesses do their research on Google, and it is still person to person, but it’s often more niched (compared to B2C). Only specific customers are going to utilize your product or service. Competition is fierce in the B2B world and you have a narrower audience.

On the positive side, people are more brand loyal to B2B companies. If you can get their attention, win them over and meet their needs, you’re likely to have a valuable long-term relationship. But that entire journey starts with getting found by interested prospects in the first place. That is the challenge, a challenge which SEO addresses to a T.

How SEO Can Help

SEO gets your name out there, increasing brand awareness from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel. Once prospects know you exist, they can do more research to learn more about you. SEO is the perfect way to be found throughout the B2B buying lifecycle. You want to be found from the point a potential B2B customer begins to research what you offer to the point they decide which vendor to move forward with. At the end of the day, SEO done right provides relevant leads and ultimately more sales for your business.

Generation Web has notable experience as a B2B SEO company. Although results may vary, increasing organic website traffic for our B2B SEO clients by double-digits – and sometimes triple-digits – is pretty typical. These same clients often also enjoy return on their investments (ROIs) with us in the quadruple digits.

If you don’t want to be tucked away and hidden like that restaurant and you’re ready to take your B2B business to the next level, this is the year to capitalize on the benefits of SEO. Work with a B2B SEO agency that knows how to overcome your unique web traffic, lead generation and sales growth challenges. Sign up for your free SEO audit today.

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