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SEO Was The Silver Lining of 2020

“Unprecedented” Good News!!

SEO Was Last Year’s Silver Lining (At Least For Our Clients)!

Most everyone agrees that 2020 was one of the most difficult years in recent memory. “2020” has become a four-letter word with some. It was truly “unprecedented” on multiple levels. Individuals and businesses both faced challenges last year.

But my goal in this blog is not to complain. No instead, how would you like some “unprecedented” good news from 2020?!

Despite COVID-19, lockdowns, social unrest, political tensions and the like, most of our clients experienced their best year ever! And we have clients across multiple industries. You might ask, “how was that possible!?” Glad you asked. In a word, “SEO”.

$411,000 (54%) More Sales from SEO

More Sales from SEOFor example, one of our SEO clients generated approximately $411,000 in additional sales last year from our SEO services, a 54% increase over 2019! (See the screenshot to the left.)

Before working with our agency, SEO wasn’t even a viable marketing channel for this client. Now it’s their #1 money maker annually!


110% More Website Traffic from SEO

When it came to organic search traffic, we also crushed it for them! Our efforts drove a whopping 110% more organic sessions to their website in 2020. See the Google Analytics screenshot below (the blue line represents 2020, the orange line represents 2019):

More Traffic from SEO

Maybe 2020 was great for your business. If it was, that’s amazing – congratulations! But if it wasn’t, the point of sharing this isn’t to brag or make anyone feel bad. Not at all. But I will be totally shameless for a minute. The goal of this blog is simple… to get you going ASAP with SEO.

If last year was crappy for your business, then it’s up to you to do what you can now so that 2021 isn’t a repeat of 2020. If it was possible for our clients to be successful in 2020, then it’s possible for you to have a great 2021 – and beyond. If we helped them, we can help you.

SEO Was Our Clients’ “2020 Saving Grace”

While other marketing channels all but dried up last year, SEO actually kicked up for our clients like never before. Because our clients were already doing SEO before 2020 hit, they were set up for huge success in a year otherwise chock-full of disappointment after disappointment.

No one knows what this year holds, but so far it’s looking a lot like a continuation of 2020.

My question to you is this. Is your business prepared for 2021 from a marketing standpoint? If not, now is the time to either start doing SEO, or else switch to Generation Web. The longer you put it off, the more you will fall behind your competition. The longer you wait, the greater chance you won’t be prepared to weather the “storms” to come.

Here’s the thing, storms are inevitable. If you’re waiting for perfect conditions to start doing SEO, which is still the #1 source of sales for U.S. small businesses, then you could be waiting a long long time. Don’t delay, start SEO today.

Do you have 2 minutes? Take the first step to something more for your business. Sign up now for your free, no-obligation SEO evaluation.

What was your biggest challenge in 2020? Let me know with a comment below.

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