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seo during coronavirus

SEO Expected to Surge During Coronavirus

Reasons to continue SEO Marketing during COVID-19.

Every business is wondering what is going to happen during this unprecedented time. Stay-at-home orders, business closings and uncertain days due to the pandemic are leaving many business owners anxious about the future. Traditional thought is to back off of online marketing. However, that decision is probably not the best for your business.

Unprecedented Doesn’t Mean Unknown

You’ve probably heard politicians, scientists and many other experts using the word “unprecedented” to describe this time in history. While they aren’t entirely wrong to say this pandemic is new, it doesn’t mean that businesses haven’t faced crises in the past. Even in the recent past. Remember the housing crash of 2008? Life looked pretty bleak to many Americans and businesses back then.

Economic downturns are nothing new to the business world. Sure, the novel coronavirus outbreak may look different, but it’s not the first time we’ve faced crises in the US and it won’t be the last time. While this may not seem like good news, it should offer reassurance. If we’ve faced troubles in the past and survived, we can do it again. That thought should comfort you as you think about how to help your business survive the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

Now Is The Best Time to Get Ahead

It’s normal to want to pull back on your online marketing efforts and play it safe during these times, but it’s important to be strategic and run full speed ahead. If you stop or slow down, you’ll fall behind. Businesses that succeed in this climate are those that are prepared for the future. They are the ones that are poised for growth as the economy recovers, and it will recover at some point.

Now is the best time to market your company. Why? Because others are hiding in fear. Your competition may not be marketing, so their prospective customers will be listening to you. There is less noise in the marketing space, which means less competition for you to get your message out there. There’s probably no better way to do that than with SEO.

A new study, The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing, reports that “63% of Marketers Predict SEO Will Become More Important During This Time”. The same study also confirmed SEO as the #1 performing online marketing channel of 2019 (PPC and email tied for #2).

People need to know you’re still there. They have questions and concerns and need reassurance. If you can provide that for them, it will give them more confidence in your business.

SEO Takes Time

SEO is a proven way to increase your online presence, but it’s not an overnight success. It takes time to see the results of an SEO strategy. In fact, if you try to rush it, you’ll likely ruin your marketing efforts. Start now or keep going to see the results a few months down the road once COVID-19 has gone the way of other economic disasters.

Do you plan to market more, the same or less during COVID? Comment below to let me know.

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