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It Pays to Pay Per Click – Part 4: Keywords

The right keywords are the key to your pay per click marketing success. You simply need to discover them.

We continue our conversation on the rewards of Pay Per Click marketing. This month I’d like to talk about the importance of keywords and keyword research when it comes to your PPC campaign.

I’m sure the subject of keywords brings with it thoughts of money. As in spending dollars to bid on particular keywords. Of course, no one really wants to part with their well-earned money, but what if you knew that spending a bit to test some new highly relevant keywords could yield additional sales?

Every day, searchers like you and me search with new keyword variations; variations that potentially, have never been used before. It’s pretty amazing, really, to think of the golden opportunity you have to get in front of more prospects just by bidding on new keywords, in addition to the proven keywords that already exist. The possible financial gain is staggering.

When it comes to finding relevant keywords that work for you, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind:

  1. Research – To bid on the keywords that will translate into sales, it all starts with research. There are tools out there that can help. Be open to new variations. Be willing to find out what else is out there. You may end up bidding pennies on a new keyword variation that results in big dollars.
  2. Educated Research – Take your top 5-10 keywords for the last 60 days and research what other variations exist. In the process, you will likely come up with hundreds of new keywords. It’s all about narrowing down the list, trying those words and seeing how they perform. Every time you identify new keyword opportunities, it parses out the “junk” to find the “golden” keywords.

Keyword research and testing may feel like a waste of time, but the only time wasted is in not trying it. Yes, you may be “in the red” for a few days until you find good keywords, but in the meantime you’re identifying keyword nuggets that will benefit you for months or years to come.

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